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X gun availablity

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It seems that when the X guns were first introduced they were quite prevalent in a wide variety of stores. But after the acquisition of Marlin by Remington's parent company, they seem to have all been closed out and only available at dedicated gun shops. The idea of giving gun shops dibs on these little secrets worries me into thinking that Remington might be trying to trip up the X guns since they are a better rifle than the 770, and in my opinion, I would take one over a 700 in an ADL, which I did. I don't think the X guns have had the exposure they need at their young age to be exclusive to sole gun shops. They are much too good and too young to be put on the back burner. To me they feel better than any other economy rifle out there.
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Am checking into getting a 7XY in .308 for my youngest grandson (11 yrs. old). He has shot a 770 in .243 the last two years and likes it ( 4 deer, including a 10 pointer). I shoot a Rem. 700 in .308 and my oldest grandson shoots the Savage Axis in .308. Both are sub MOA rifles as is the 770. I would just like for all of us to get to the same caliber. Of all the bargin rifles Marlin is the only one I could find that offers the Youth model in .308. That is unless you want to go to $700+ in Rem, Win ect. I also like it has a 22 in. barrell vice the standard 20 in in other youth models. From what I have read it is a decent rifle at a good price point. Can I expect like accuracy as the Remingtons and Axis. I also like the adjustable trigger as I had to do some work on the Axis to get it decent. As of now I own a couple of Marlin .22 and of course a 336 in 30-30. Any input would be appriciated.
Well I decided to get the 7XY in .308 for my grandson. Ordered it today from my local gunshop. Looked all over country (several actually) and could not find one alive and perched on a rack, new or used in any flavor. So I will take a leap of faith in all the reviews I have read. Price was $358 out the door. Thats just the rifle (no scope). He said the package deals would take a little longer to get. Will have this one in 3 days. Dont want the cheap scope as I have other good ones already. Can anyone tell me does the bolt on the short actions cam 60 deg. or 90 deg. ? I need to pick up another set of high rings if its 90. I cant find anything on it and the dealer couldnt tell me either.

Please be careful choosing low rings. Mine all have medium rings and there is not much clearance.

I have a 7mm-08 in a youth, I do like the shorter stock possibilities for some types of hunting we do. Overall the gun is about 1.5" shorter than the XL7's I have; 1/2" shorter in the action and 1" shorter in the stock. I figured if I ever wanted to stretch the gun back to a standard length, I could bring a Boyd's stock in to do that.
Got word the gun is in, will pick it up tomorrow or Sat. I have low and med. rings so will see what works. Cant wait to get to the bench and see what it will do.
Well just picked up the xyouth in .308.

One dissapointment......Worst bolt I have ever seen. Of all the complaints on the 770 and axis their bolt action is A LOT BETTER....

After a little pleminary cleaning, buffing, and lubracation its better. Will do a through job on it before firing.

The overall feel is great. I really like the trigger. What it is set at from the factory ain't bad at all. After the boy gets home from school will fit the scope for him. Probley a Bushnell wide angle 3X9 for now.

Having the shop check on a .223 HEAVY BARRELL. Been thinking about one for a while. Have shot the Ruger .204 and Savage 22.250. Both punch bug holes but I just dont like the feel.
Well I couldn't stand it yesterday evening. Did a lot of work on the X bolt. Maybe I am a little to critical but that thing was as rough AS A COB. It is only the first new rifle I've bought besides the savage and 770 in a long, long time. The newest one other than those two are my Rem. 700 and its a 1980. Guess its true, They dont make em like they use to. Mounted the scope and the boy really likes the rifle. He thinks the trigger pull is the best thing since sliced bread. Today think I will rebuild my 50 yd bench and maybe get a few rounds down range this afternoon.
Here is the 7XY .308 field stripped and all cleaned up. Ready to go to the range. Its overcast, 76 deg. and very little wind, so I think its good to go now. Will put some Pics of the groups later. Have some Win, Fed and Rem 150 gr. factory loads. Will see what it likes to eat.


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Here are the groups from the range......Think this is a KEEPER......:D

Had a bad set of rings to start....would not stay tight...after about 20 rds. changed them out and another 10 rounds and here is the results:

First one is at the 50...Remington 150 gr. core-lok (.5 group)

Second is at the 100...Remington 150 gr. core-lok (different lot) (.5 group)

Third is grandsons at 100...first three are around the clock..last two not to shabby. These were his first rounds thru the rifle and with full loads. He didnt want to wait to get reduced loads. He said if Im going to hunt with full loads going to learn to shoot em. overall 1.7 gr.....last two .7

excuse the cell phone


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Thanks axxe55, I find "The Older I Get The Better I Used To Be"

Anymore I just live my good times thru my grandsons and Granddaughter. I was most concerned about the rifle being a shooter and he would be confident in it. After it was sighted in and he saw what IT was capiable of I think it made him a lot more confident.

My 8 year old granddaughter was quick to claim his .243 770. She is still on a .22 but learning well. She already outfishes her brothers....they cant stand it......:mad:
Spoon you probley bought your X rifles before Marlin pulled them from the MEGA MARTS. Now they are only availiable thru Independent dealers. Hense the price increase. Still with the Quality and Features compaired to the other bargin guns not bad.

Hope continued improvement on your illness. And good luck on this years deer hunt. Looking at the ones runnin around here and on my scouting cameras they are not in real good shape....:( This drought has taken its toll on the wildlife. Will check out the first one(s) my grandsons take in the early youth season and deside weather to continue during the regular season. I dont keep fish or take game animals WE DONT EAT !! May have to spend this winter getting back into reloading and Pokin Holes in Paper....:p
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