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X7 Lew Horton

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Just picked up a X7 .308 Lew Horton edition with 18" threaded barrel. My wife fell in love and had to have it. Any recommended ammo to get her used to it without scaring her off? All of my .308s are either converted M1 Garands or AR-10 based. Hate to use my surplus to break in a new rifle.

New to the site and Marlin bolt-actions. Own an old 336 in 30-30 (no crossbolt safety), a new 336Y for the wife and my original 1895G with ported barrel.
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Here are 3 reduced recoil rounds for the .308. I shoot 308s as do both my grandsons, but not any of the lighter loads. Of the three the Remingtons seem to have the better write ups. Prices are about on par with the Rem Core-loks and Federal standard rounds. My Wal-Mart has both. I haven't seen any of the Hornady around here. I know the Rem uses a 125 gr Core-lok bullet and the Federal a 170 gr flat nosed bullet. Again the Hornady I have no idea.

Remington Managed-Recoil
Federal Fusion Low Recoil
Hornady CustonLite
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