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    Hi there,
    I'm new in this forum and I'm Italian, so I'm sorry for my poor English and grammar mistakes.
    I've a question about X7 series original and aftermarket stocks.
    I'm very happy about my rifle (.308 x7vh) and I'm thinking about changing stock with a new one with ejectable magazine(like Rem. 700) possibly and a bit stronger(the original one seems to be [or is]empty and the heavy barrel weight makes the weapon system disequilibred) but possibly not wooden. I surfed the net but I wasn't able to find anything interesting, so I'm here asking for tour help.

    Thanks a lot
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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.
    Glad that you have joined us.
    I don't have a X7 series rifle but I'm sure someone will chime in with an answer to your question.
    Feel free to post your thoughts. We're a pretty forgiving bunch.


  3. axxe55

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    Alex, welcome to the Marlin forum. Boyd's makes some very nice laminated and walnut stocks to fit the X7 series of rifles. i am guessing that you are looking to add a detachable magazine to your rifle? well my guess is, yes it's probably possible, but would be a lot of work and more than likely need the services of a good gunsmith. another option would be to make a dropping floorplate assembly. would need a new triggerguard/bottom metal assembly, and opening up the bottom of the stock. i think going to a laminated or wood stock would be prefered over the factory synthetic for this type of project.

    i restocked my XS7 in 7mm-08 with a Boyd's grey laminated stock, because i have intentions later on, of rebarreling the action with a heavy fluted stainless steel barrel. the laminated stock would be much easier to recontour for the larger diameter barrel than the factory synthetic one.
  4. AlexG

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    Many thanks for your replies! Mayby a laminated stock is better,I've never think about it... I'll take a look at the website you suggested me.
    I hope to post soon something about my new konuspro optic 6-24 x50 mounted on my x7.