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x7 precision stock

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Hi there,
I'm new in this forum and I'm Italian, so I'm sorry for my poor English and grammar mistakes.
I've a question about X7 series original and aftermarket stocks.
I'm very happy about my rifle (.308 x7vh) and I'm thinking about changing stock with a new one with ejectable magazine(like Rem. 700) possibly and a bit stronger(the original one seems to be [or is]empty and the heavy barrel weight makes the weapon system disequilibred) but possibly not wooden. I surfed the net but I wasn't able to find anything interesting, so I'm here asking for tour help.

Thanks a lot
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Welcome to the Marlin Forum.
Glad that you have joined us.
I don't have a X7 series rifle but I'm sure someone will chime in with an answer to your question.
Feel free to post your thoughts. We're a pretty forgiving bunch.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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