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XL7 package, scope question

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Last week I traded for a NIB XL7 270 package deal. It came with a Bushnell 3-9x 40 scope. I've had Bushnells in the past and usually had real good luck with them. Been reading lately tho that a lot of people have trouble with them, and have heard they are chinese made now. :mad: This one has no markings on it that I can find except has the Bushnell "B" emblem on one of the caps. Are these worth trying, should I put it on a 22, or maybe just throw it in the pond?
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personally i would use it on a 22 rifle and buy a much better scope for the X7. maybe a Nikon, Swift, Bushnell Elite, Leupold or something along that lines. usually the scopes in a package deal are just basic no frills to get you by type scopes, so that you can pull the gun out of the box, sight it in with a few shots and then go hunting. i have bought all my X7's without scopes. i have a 25-06 XL7 with a 4-12x40 Nikon, a 7mm-08 XS7 with a 6-24x50 Swift Premier and a 308 XS7VH with a Swift Premier 8-32x50. the Swift scopes are new to me as of las year, as i had never heard of them before, they are really good scopes, that are decently priced. check them out.
Kinda what I was thinkin, but the way some talk about the "package" scopes I didn't know if it was even worth foolin with or not. I'll try it on a 22 tho. This was my 3rd X7, already had a 25-06 and a 7mm-08 too. They are JM stamped and came with no scope, this one is a '09 and I think it has the Rem stamp on it.:(
don't let the rem stamp bother you as they are still built by marlin just in a different plant than before. two of mine have it and they shoot just fine. most of the scopes put on rifles in a packae deal are just decent scopes to get by with or for people who don't have time and money to buy seperately. they are'nt bad just not great. they will get you by, but many of us end up upgrading that we don't mess with the package deal, just buy the rifle. it is a conveinance thing the gunmakers came up with to make it simple to buy a rifle and go shooting or hunting without a bunch of hassle.
I sure wish they made a Lefty version
I sure wish they made a Lefty version
maybe with if the popularity increases, they will offer them in the future. i absolutely love my three and plan on adding a few more. i was going to add one in 270, but i ran across a great deal on a remington M700 in 270, so i grabbed it up. my next one will be either a 243 or a 30-06 marlin.
I have an XL7 in 30.06 thinking about conversion to .308 or a heavy barrel in .06 any ideas
has anyone had any problems with maxing out the elevation adjustment on the one piece factory mount? Seems like I seen someone with the same issue.
scope elevation problem

Has anyone had a problem with maxing out the elevation adjustment while using the factory one piece mounts on the x7? I have this issue on a 270 XL7 and a 22-250 heavy bbl. I remember reading about this problem somewhere,
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