Xs7 7mm08 accuracy issues

Discussion in 'Other Marlin Rifles' started by DavidMC, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. DavidMC

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    I have a marlin xs7 in 7mm-08 and I have out about 200 rounds through it. I have cleaned it and taken good care of it. I have changed the stock and floated the barrel, and even bedded the wood stock and I cannot seem to hold a good group under 1.5-2MOA. I have tried several different boxes of ammo, checked scope, rings and rail and action screws. Everything has the correct torque settings. I cannot figure out what is going on. I have never had this issue with any other rifle.

    Is this normal?
    Any thoughts?
  2. SWO1

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    Both my Marlin X7s, one in .308 and one in .223 both stock each shoot well under 1 MOA with factory ammo and under .5 with hand loads. I don't know what ammo you use but mine both HATE Winchester, and the .223 wont go under 1 MOA with Federal. Both do great with Remington Core-Lok. Every rifle is different so ya never know. Might be the barrel, the ammo, the scope, or some of all or a combination.

    Sometimes just changing the bullet weight in factory ammo will make a difference. My .308 shoots 150 gr a lot better than heavier bullets in the same brand.

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    what bullet weights are you using? mine likes those under 160 gr and does very well with most in the 120-140 gr weight range.

    what wood stock? just curious. have you changed out the factory stock? i used a Boyd's grey laminate on mine and it works great.
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    Whoa! I'd say SELL IT and try again or have a really good Smithy go over it. No...not worth the trouble...SELL IT! Most folks can't afford to be burning ammo just to find a marginally-satisfactory load. Good luck finding the demon that's affecting it if you decide to hold on to it.

    Maybe a WISE MAN here can find an Rx :) Is it a newer one under Remy's control? The older true Marlins shoot well. I've got a 1-hole 7mm-08. That rifle plus my pet load with a Horndaddy pill that's backed down in velocity around 2500fps is amazing to me still. Still setting in her factory G-FN/Plastic whatever stock. The '06 had issues with the warped factory stock, but some carving relieved that large group to reasonable deer hunting accuracy. The Boyd's lam. stock took away all such troubles. It likes Sierra 125's at smoking velocities and 180 Pro Hunters that aren't screaming at all. Don't think there's a load that won't hold an 1.5 .
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    mY 7-08 SHOOTS 139 gr but loves 150s...just play with some different weights and see what it likes...fire a few rounds to foul the barrel a bit before sighting it in