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I have a heavy barrel for a remington 700 in .308, will this bolt right up to my xs7 without any problems?
nope. barrel threads are different. Marlin uses a barrel attachment similar to Savage, using a barrel nut to keep the barrel tight to the reciever.Remington M700's use a torqued barrel directly into the reciever. two totally different barrel attachment procedures.

the can use Savage barrels and barrel nuts i hve been told but require some minor modifications to the barrel to work properly.

you need a way to measure headspace. this requires a set of headspace gauges to do it properly. a barrel nut wrench and a barrel vise.

setting proper headspace is critical to safety. if you have no knowledge of how to do this safely and properly, it needs to be left to a compentent gunsmith.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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