XT-22 LR on the way

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by SWO1, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. SWO1

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    Just back from my LGS. The Marlin XT-22 Varment with bull barrel, wood stock, scope blocks, no optics is packed and in the truck at the Dist. in Ill. BUT.... they are snowed in. Maybe next week.

    I have a Simmons 24X that used to be on my Rem. 308 to mount and see how it shoots with about 8 different flavors of ammo I have. Have also been looking at the Boyds Thumb Hole Stock but will wait and see how the stock one is. Plan on either making or buying a forearm block (3" wide) for the bench.

    Supposed to get to 50 tomorrow and HEAVY RAIN. So might actually get to shoot it before Spring ....... :rolleyes:
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    That's Cool Beans

  3. SWO1

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    Went to the LGS to check on the XT-22. BAD NEWS. Its on back order, and that's after they told him it was on the truck waiting to ship ..... :mad: Also on back order is a Savage Mark II. Both are within $10 of each other. So we will see which comes in first.

    He did have a shipment of .22 LR, Rem Golden and CCI Blazer. I have some Remys but have never shot the Blazers in .22. They were $3.19 a box of 50 but he let me have a brick for $30. They were cheaper than the Golden Bullets.
  4. SWO1

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    I now have two LGSs looking for an XT22 in LR with heavy barrel. Seems none to be found. Plenty of Mag and .17 but no LR. The Savage MK II did show up and I now have it. I can wait.......no other option I guess.
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    Hope yours is as accurate as my little XT !

    Cheers Mate