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XT 22 trigger help

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I was cleaning my XT 22strigger assembly, all I did was spray CLP at the four points it recommended in the manual. Now the trigger will only go back a tiny bit. When I do pull it back I can push down the sear, when I don't I can't. Any suggestions? It seems to function but the length of pull seems off.
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You might want to pull it apart and see if you can clean some of the lube out. I always found less is more when lubing and too much can cause problems. If you take the one pin out the trigger will come right out and you will have access to the trigger spring. Hopefully it's just a bit too much lube hanging something up and you can figure it out.
Try using a can of the dust off stuff or any compressed air canister, and get all that white lithium stuff out. Then put a couple drops of oil in it and you should be good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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