Yardsale "JACKPOT"

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    Comming back from my shop from picking up my Armscor .38 saw a sign....Moving Yard Sale. I pulled up the drive. Usual stuff till I went into the garage. On a back table was a box of stuff, a couple of Reloading Manuals on top. Looking thru it was bullets, primers and odd and end stuff AND.....a box on the bottom....LYMAN 1200 DPS 3, Digital Powder Management System. Opened the box and it looked never used. Still in the factory plastic wrap, but no manual. A woman came over and asked if I was interested in the "stuff" as she put it. She said she didnt know anything about any of it as it was her late husbands. Said she had already sold all his guns and other stuff and this was all that was left. Wanted to know what I would give for the whole box. I said since without setting it up and taking time to check it out no way of knowing if the scale worked or not so I would be taking a chance on it. She said $30 for it all. I thought for a minute and then almost gave myself whiplash getting out my wallet. Here is the stuff.

    A Lyman 1200 DPS 3 Digita scale and dispenser 120V (I have downladed the manual from Lyman and checked it out....Works perfect) Lyman MSP..$369

    300 245gr .338 bullets...Got no gun for em but can trade em off at the shop.

    100 145gr 7mm bullets....again no gun

    700 large rifle primers....Win, Rem, and CCI
    200 large pistol primers...CCI

    dial calipers

    numerous .300 win brass...no gun

    50 rounds of CCI MaxiMag .22 mag rounds...LOL...no gun

    Nosler reloading manual
    Barnes reloading manual

    A cheap made in China scope

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    Good haul for thirty bucks....

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    You da man and you done good.
    See - even a blind squirrel can find an acorn once in a while. ;)
  4. FOUR4D4

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    I was debating on getting the automatic powder dispenser for the Lee turret press. If the Lyman 1200 works as good as advertised and the reviews say "its the ticket". Will auto dispense up to 100 straight loads...once you enter your load weight...press the repeat button and everytime you replace the load pan on the scale....bingo...it has already weighed the next load and dispenses it. Just dump into the powder feed die in the press. Will hold 100 loads in memory so when changing formulas and/or calibers just bring up the approiate load....and of course "dont forget to change powder....lol". I dont know about using that function any time soon. As with all computerized equipment....Garbage in...Garbage out....I'll work up a good load by hand before I go for volume and stick to 1 powder for now.

    Takes 1/2 hour to warm up and caliberate once its turned on before you can start dispensing. I know you take a chance on buying electronic equipment but I figured for the price and the other stuff involved a no brainer. Supposed to measure within .01 grain. Instructions say to press the "zero" key every 5 loads to account for possible drift. For loading large runs of practice rounds of light to medium .38s I figure it will do a good job. For the serious stuff still will weigh each load on a beam scale. When playing for keeps may take an hour to load 20 rounds to carry.
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    Good price on the Lyman .SW i want to see lots of reloads with that Lyman :D I hope it does better than my RCBS Charmaster Combo I just sent it in today
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    SWO1...get the guns...

    No sense letting some novice get all them goodies...buy the guns and soup up some loads and sell the whole shootin match(no pun intended) as a custom setup. :D
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    Great deal!
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    How are you going to sleep at night getting all that 'stuff' for $30. :rolleyes:
  10. FOUR4D4

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    I never find deals like this:mad:
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    My nephew shoots the big 300 mags and reloads so I will probley give him the .338 bullets and brass. I dont know any body who has a 7mm. Its a box of 50 145gr and some slots have more than one bullet in em. Propley 60 or 70. A "share the wealth deal" Pay the postage and I will send them to ya. Send me a PM.....:D
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    thats quite a score