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I have been sittin on my honkers doin nothing constructive so I decided to do something in that line...I needed a raccoon feeding platform so I don't have to run after them buggers. I will just bait them and if I can see em I will give them something to cure their ornrieness.

All it took was 15 minutes, a saw and 3 feet of 2x6. I also found some 3 inch and a couple 5 inch screws and a 3/8 inch bit and drill. The drill is for the drain hole to let some of the juice drip onto the ground and to screw the screws. Or the screwer if he aint careful. I assembled the feeder and hung it on the tree. Now I'll just wait for a big fat boar **** to come and eat the fish and cat food I placed on the tray.

So I guess you can say I am no longer the man without a...coontray.:cool:

Ok, This just a quick shot...I went out in the pitch black, no flashlite and hiked through cockleburs and sticker bushes to do this and then shot 20 or so shots just to get the poor picture I did get. I almost got lost and had to decide whether to eat the can of cat food or just find the back door. I made it after a long hike in my sandals and shorts and I want y'all to know I suffered for ya. Uh huh. Oh yeah.

That plastic bag is some spoiled crappy filets. The can of cat food is seafood delight. MMMMMMMMMM!

PS Yes, I opened the packages.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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