You might have "To Much" .....

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    .22 ammo when your storage shelf COLLAPSES ..... :eek:

    I was loading up some .38 super and didn't like the way the bullet was seating using Sierra's suggested OAL. So I opened the ammo storage locker to get out a factory round and see what it was. They shoot great out of my pistol with no problems. The top shelf with the .22 had broken the side tabs and fallen onto the second shelf with center fire pistol rounds. The weight had collapsed the second shelf also.

    So I got sidetracked and cut two .75" plywood shelves to replace the plastic ones. Screwed 1X3" rails into the sides and put the shelf on them. That should hold em !! I have an internet order of Match .22 that should be here today or tomorrow so need the wooden shelves.

    On the .38 super reloads, Sierra calls for a COL .12 longer than what the Remington factory is. With the longer COL I could not get the bullet to seat and crimp firmly. So I shortened it up a bit and put a slight crimp on them. Loaded 3 different test loads of 5 each with 5.1, 5.3, and 5.7 grns of Titegroup. I used Winchester 124 gr FMJ bullets with CCI 500 primers on Starline brass. Im inbetween the Factory and Sierra OAL so will see how they shoot and function thru my RIA 1911 .38 Super.
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    That's a good problem to have. Lol

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    Can't have too much. Especially if you're supporting the grand-kids.
    I've only got 1 granddaughter that I support in that way. My son supports his 3 girls without my help.