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    You'd be surprised how fast the police show up to your house, when you call 911 and tell them, that some drunk guys is kicking my door, and wanting in. I tell dispatch I am armed, if he comes in send for the coroner. They showed up fast. One lone officer, no lights, no siren.
    Buy the time I get out to talk to the officer, she has the drunk in the back seat. Officer tells me, the drunk made a mistake and was at the wrong house. She said that she's taking him back home.
    I told her to tell the drunk, it would have been his last mistake if he kicked the door opened.

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    YEP!!! My wife and I were just talking about this last night...I work in the Adult Beverage business and we saw where a man died because of a drunken act like this! I told her I sell for responsible people and it is the person's own responsibility to be moderate...We both still agreed how it would be terriblr if this happened at our house and it would be a drunk mans last action on earth...How would I know he was just looking for his own home? Am I going to ask questions of a man bashing in my door? Absolutely not! I am glad this had a happy ending..I am sure none of us WANT to be on the trigger pulling end...I will though ...I will.

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    I'm glad he went to the back door. Its off our laundry room, and the laundry room window is to high to reach from outside. I did open that window and ask what he wanted. He just said I'm coming in, open the door. I told him hes not coming in and leave. Then he said , like hell I'm not. That's when I called 911. Thinking back now, 12 hours later, I don't believe he was trying to break in. But maybe he thought it was a friends house? No idea. But last night I wasn't sure.
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    When I was working patrol, it was almost a nightly occurrence that a burglar was caught trying to enter a home, and when caught, they would use the "I'm just drunk and didn't know what I was doing" excuse.
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    Happens all the time......... See it very regularly, actually one was the victim of a German Shepard, caught hiding behind the garage, K9 was deployed and apprehended..... The guy actually lived next door and was at the wrong house
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    Good you kept your cool and didn`t make a new peep hole :D
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    Glad everything turned out okay!

    Of course you fellas know the definition of brave - Showing up home late at night, stinking drunk after being out with the boys, and being met at the door by the wife with a broom in her hand and you say, "Hi Honey, are you cleaning or getting ready to go out for a ride?"