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Youngest Grandson gonna buy his first gun

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Cameron, 13, has been shooting my Savage MKII. He loves it and says likes bench better than Bullseye with the Pistol. My LGS has a 22-XT BV at $240 out the door. He has his own money but I told him I would kick in $100 for him and give him the Simmons 24X for it also. He is a really good shot. I let him shoot Eley Target and he was holding .5"- groups at 50 yds. He says, and I believe him, he could do better with his own gun. I showed him the USBR 50 yard target we would shoot in matches with the 0.10" bull and told him he would have to ....... ;) I can see now him wanting his own front rest, rear bag and a different scope. Also trigger kit and shooting up my match ammo ..... Will get expensive but FUN. At least he will have something that will last a A LONG, LONG time instead of that junk he usually spends his money on and 2 week later nothing to show for it.
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Good to start them young.I still have my 22 Winchester model 190 made in 1973 I was about his age.For some reason it was easier to convince my dad to let me get that then with my first air gun. He will enjoy that for many years to come and cherish the memories, way to go GrandPa
Way to go Grandpa!!!!!
Will pick the grandson up tomorrow from school at 1515 and then off to the LGS. He has decided to get the XT-22 BR. I will show him how to check out the gun before he lays his money down. I have told him it is a good rifle but don't expect it to shoot like my Savage. May be better, may be worse, ya never know. First thing he will learn is how to tear it down and give it a through cleaning. He wanted to know why, its brand new, cant be dirty, just go shoot it. ...... wait till he sees ...... :eek: Will start him at the 25 yd line and zero the Simmons 24X. Will use Fed Auto Match for sighting in and then let him test the weight sorted ones and see how it does. Have plenty of different ammo so should be able to find one it likes.

This is more fun than getting one of my own ........ :D
Now SWO1, make sure you let your grandson shoot it. :D
Cameron's gun is home, in the safe. I know I've called it different models in the above posts. It's a VR ..... :eek:

First thing we did was to remove the molded in sling swivel thingys. The fore end is wider than the Savage stock, 2.75", will ride the front rest nicely. The barrel is Free Floated real good, a piece of heavy stock paper slid all the way to the receiver with no bind. Mounted the Simmons 24X with medium height rings. Cleaned up real well. Took 3 soaked patches of Bore Shine and 8 dry patches with a final mop, and its BRIGHT. Cleaned the bolt and oiled everything up with Rem Oil. Trigger adjusted down to 3.01 lbs. Will see how that works for him. Can get an Apachee Triger kit for $63 to the door. They are guaranteed to get below 1 lb. The one in my Savage breaks at 14 oz right now, haven't tried to adjust it lower......YET.

Got a brick of Armscor 40 gr round nose lead .22, Standard Velocity, hope they shoot good.

Rain has set in for a couple of days so will be the weekend before he can shoot it.
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The sun came out this afternoon so we went to the 25 yard bench to sight in the scope. Used Fed Auto Match and took about 20 rounds to get it on center. Don't think it will like the Auto match to much. Switched to Aquila Standard and it did better. Last 5 shot group was about 3/8 ". Still a lot of brands to test. Cameron does notice the difference in my guns 14 oz. pull and his at 3.1 lbs. The bolt on the XT is a little tight. But only about 60 rounds thru it so far, should be ok. Maybe I will polish it some.
Yesterday afternoon I built a temporary bench at the 50 yd line. Its level and stable, attached to two of the first lane front posts. Cameron shot off of it with his cheap-o one piece rest. Started with Eley Edge. Two things are apparent, needs a lighter trigger. The 3+ lb stock trigger aint gonna cut it. Have to have a fore end plate. We will build one today that fits his front bag on his one piece rest. Also the butt NEEDS weight, After about 35 rounds of the Edge wasn't getting very good groups. Switched to CCI Standard Vel and things improved. Sometimes a brand will shoot good at 25 and not at 50 yds. and vice versa.

I don't like the way the XT is bedded to the stock. Has a floating lug just ahead of the chamber on the underside of the barrel. Gonna have to do something about that. Also the rear action screw goes straight into the rear receiver tang with NO lug. Marlin dosnt have a very good system with that lash up. A work in progress or sure.

At this point have to do a comparison between the Sav MK II and the Marlin XT-22. The Savage was good out of the box, a lot better than the Marlin. Engineering of the receiver to stock system is SUPERIOR with the Savage. Can the XT be made to shoot as good, sure gonna try.
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Made the fore end plate for the Marlin this morning. moved the temp target frame to 25 yards for the bench at the 50. Camerson shot up a bunch of CCI Standard Vel. First target is his. He shot targets 1-10, and 12. I shot target #11 with his gun and ammo. #11 is a 5 shot group. I really don't think its the gun or ammo that is his problem.

He then became irritated. Challanged me to a match. I agreed and said we would each shoot 4 targets. He insisted it be for something. We agreed on $1 a target and aggerate for a total of $5.

Second target is the match. He shot the right side and I shot the left. I took 5 sighters and had to make a dope change from shooting the 50 yd yesterday.

An old saying .... A fool and his money are soon parted ......... :rolleyes:


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Impreesive shooting

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Way to go, Gramps!!
Today I will build another portable target frame for the 50 yard course. I now have to semi-permanent benches at the 50, but need 2 portable ones to set at 25. Then two can shoot together without having to switch off on one frame. Cuts the match time in half.
Very impressive groups.
I see a day, in the not to distant future, where grandpa will be coughing up the 5 buck.
It's a good day when we mentor our grandchildren to a point of success. :))
Looking at Cameron,s practice target #6 was the last one he shot. I think that prompted him to get a little Froggy. He did tighten up his Match target a bunch. A small dope change or "hold off" and he would have been right there.

NOTHING pleases me more than to see them excel ..... past me is even better. I feel like I have taught them a little something. Competition is good, too little of it in this world where Everyone has to be a winner. To excel you have to be pushed some. If you are made to feel like you don't have to improve any you will not.
Competition is good, too little of it in this world where Everyone has to be a winner. To excel you have to be pushed some. If you are made to feel like you don't have to improve any you will not.
No truer words were ever spoken!

Congrats on the GREAT learning experience you've given your grandson!
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