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You've got a friend in PA

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I stumbled upon this site when I was on facebook so I registered and here I am. I own a few Marlins and love too shoot them all. My first Marlin was a brand new 336CS in .35 Rem. I also have 2 Model 60's one I bought for my son to plink with. My last Marlin is a Model 25 Glennfield. I bought it as a parts rifle and put it back together and is my current favorite. It isn't pretty as the blueing is spotted and the stock that I bought was sanded and refinished. But it is very accurate and is my groundhog gun. I'll see if I can figure out how to post pics and do so. I don't know if you include H&R in your site as this was my first stop, but I also have a 922 revolver made in 1944.

So far I like what I see and plan on doing some more exploring. I'm sure I be seeing you all around.:D
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Charlie, welcome to the Marlin Forum and glad you decided to join and become a member. welcome from all of us here.

Charlie, we are a Marlin forum, but many of us have other types and brands as well, and if you will check out the other guns sub-forum you can post pictures and information there.
Welcome aboard Charlie. Don't be afraid to jump right in, this is a very friendly forum!
Welcome to the forum Charlie. Don't worry about sharing other gun stuff. I think most of us here enjoy other firearms as well.
Welcome to the marlin forum
Welcome aboard. Hope you like it here.
Welcome to the forum. Pa. has some beautiful country. I've deer hunted in the North / West part East of Warren. Very pretty.
Thank you all for the warm welcome! I am a member of another Marlin forum and they include H&R as part of Marlin and was wondering if you did also. I have many other non Marlins, most of them Milsurp. my collection consists of 32 firearms in all and growing, so it's good to see a non Marlin forum. I plan on expanding both my Marlins and others. In fact I'm pondering a new deer rifle and am torn between a Marlin XS7 and a Mossberg 100 ATR.
Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum 2barcharlie...from a fellow Pennsylvanian !!
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