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Yugo 24/52C

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I just finished cleaning up a Yugo 24/52C Mauser that I recently bought. Turned out to be an all-matching example in great shape. Here are a couple of pics:

Wood Trigger Air gun Natural material Shotgun

Air gun Wood Shotgun Trigger Wood stain

Sorry, the bottom 2 pics are a Yugo M48 (couldn't figure out how to edit them from the original post)


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Looks great.

With Mauser, all I can think of is: M as in man, A-U, S as in Sam, E-R
A Mauser is hard to beat!!
I just picked up some literature on old combat rifles and their history. Man it sure is interesting.
I just might have to fit some into my budget.
Be careful, nelson55. They can become addictive!
Mauserhooked is right, I started with a little Spanish carbine, a few years back;
8 rifles later I'm looking for a 9.3x62 African. Gotta love it ! :cool:

By the way, nice looking guns!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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