yugoslavian 59/66

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    i bought a case of ugoslavian sks`s.non chrome lined barrel but had a grenade launcher attachment and ladder sites and a gas shutoff valve for shooting a blank i guess to propell the projectile.these guns have been in a crate covered in cosmoline for 50 years, but i know wood and under all that cosmoline was a beautiful beechnut stock.everyone struggles with cosmoline and used to pay me 50 bucks to clean it out of their sks`s and ak47`s.it was so simple.i would dissasemble the gun and buy a case of brake klean.it would melt the cosmoline away in seconds.i used to take the extractors out as they had cosmoline in them.every inch of these guns was covered in cosmoline.i took a sks for myself probably the worse one.i got all the internals cleaned and oiled and it was a dark rich bluing.the stock was sprayed and sprayed with brake kleen and they had some sort of laquer over the wood,well bake kleen takes it all off.when i was finished i let it dry outside.it was bright with big pores and beautiful beechnut wood i went from 80 grit to 320 grit then steel wool then bleeched the stock,it was a work of art.i rubbed a bit of gun oil over the stock and it came out absolutely beautiful i will post a couple pics

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